FLAMES [Dabi X Read...
By Namigii
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You could say it was a peaceful life until the League Of Villains had kidnapped you, holding you there against your will. Of course, you weren't oblivious to who they were or what they did so you didn't hold your guard down one bit when being in their presence. That is until you met Dabi, a cocky bastard, who wanted nothing to do with you too. That feeling was mutual at first. Gradually, you both turn out to have more similarities than you thought you did quirks alike. It didn't take long to be captivated by his mere glance alone. Watch as [Y/N] starts to slowly fall in love with the one who had originally apprehended her. This sick Stockholm syndrome doesn't end there though. Published on the second of July, 2018. Uhm, this was my first fic here 💀. None of the art used in this story belongs to me unless mentioned otherwise so credits to the right artists. A strong warning for mature content to appear alongside some sensitive topics.


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by Namigii