New Era (Book 1) (W...
By Birdpaw
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When a string of gruesome murders set a little castle town on edge, Adara Uriaon, a magickae hiding away from the king's purge of anything abnormal, finds her life in upheaval after two mysterious individuals carrying crescent blades come to town. Fenrer and Yuven, the two mysterious magickae, are accused of attempted regicide and bringing the creatures of darkness into the fray. Forced to run after an attack of Derelicts, she starts her journey into the magickae lands, where she had always dreamed of, but never thought she'd reach, with many of its stories waiting to be heard. Darkness follows her every step, with her newfound bonds between Yuven and Fenrer, she comes to discover that her fairytale ideals don't hold up against the truth of the other kingdoms. In a world set into the next coming of a crimson dusk, where the old leaders left everything in disarray. After her sole experience of a prejudiced king, Adara is once again, in the Summit of the now three kings. Spoken as the silver dawn, Adara must come face to face with the very realm of the void that Garren once warned her about in stories, and stand against not the darkness, but the shades of grey in the hearts around her. For there is nothing more dangerous than an individual, who is willing to do anything for their goal. Previous Wattpad Picks: Hidden Gems Wonderful cover by Crimson_Graves! Check out her cover shop!


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New Era (...
by Birdpaw