New Old Besties
By Violetx_14
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Romantic, humorous and filled with drama. -*-*- Bethany and Sam were the chubby set of those best friends we find in every kindergarden. The two followed each other everywhere. No one could have ever separated them. Until when in second grade Bethany's family has to move away from their hometown. Bethany had to leave behind her best friend and the town she grew up in. Now after several years Bethany is returning back. She is going to complete her senior year of highschool with Sam but things have changed. She is not a whining little girl anymore instead she is now an independent girl. Not to mention her breathtaking hotness and boldness. Sam is entirely a new person to Bethany. He is the captain of the schools football team. Who is known for his good looks and cockiness. He is a player and she can be too. Both are far away from each other's expectations. Will they be friends again? Will they be more? Follow the new old besties. -*-*- This book is first draft. It may have many mistakes, poor grammar and numerous loopholes not to forget about the cheesiness. I love you for checking it out. -VioletBooks_14 DO NOT copy this book or it's idea.

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New Old B...
by Violetx_14