Tethered Road {ON H...
By keyleehargis
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In a big city in Florida, it isn't unusual to have your normal MCs hanging around. Men riding around like a pack of wolves with their classic leather jackets. But what is unusual is Rebecca Smith being coaxed by her best friend into going to a bar that contains some of the most notorious MCs in the state. Tethered Road is a MC you wouldn't want to make an enemy of. With the notorious leader, Jason Riggs, they aren't one you'd want to mess with for one reason; Jason is one mean and threatening man. He's one man that is always three steps ahead, no matter what it is: money, women, his MC, problems, you name it. At least, thats how it used to be until a certain brunette stepped into his bar one night. Who knew Rebecca could turn all heads including Jason Riggs? But there was one rule Jason always followed: stay tethered to the road no matter what adventure, even if that adventure includes Rebecca Smith. That night, Rebecca finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that causes her to go down a road her mind isn't prepared for nor would it ever be. There was one thing for sure, she was tethered to the road and there are no exits.

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by keyleehargis