To Dreams & Bey...
By DinFyre
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • ash
  • behemoth
  • beyond
  • brothers
  • crew
  • dreams
  • island
  • mara
  • pirate
  • sky
  • steampunk


In this fantastic world where islands float with the clouds, Mara, age 12, has never known his parents. Left on a small trading island with his twin brother, Ash, they've never had anybody to take care of them or protect except but each other. They work in a local inn where they hear of news and stories across the skies from traders and merchants staying and drinking in the inn. Their entire lives, Mara and Ash have seen jewels, riches, and people from all around, but have never had their opportunity to see the skies for themselves. They've dreamed of shipping off in a behemoth of their own, huge sky ships designed to withstand the power of the huge mystic storm clouds that separate the sky islands and the surface. In a fantastic, science fiction fantasy world, Mara and Ash are thrust into an adventure of a lifetime that helps them to grow and bond together as brothers, as well as crew mates. It just might not be in the way that they expect...

Lucid Dreams

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To Dreams...
by DinFyre