The Trade
By tamlaura1
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COVER MADE BY MsDreamerGirl84: Aurora Ice, a twenty-one-year-old young woman from Texas was bored with her life on the ranch and being poor. She longed to go to New York and make a life for herself as a model. Her wish was to live the high life and for excitement. She soon learned what the meaning of being careful what you wish for when she meets Abe Ridley, a wealthy businessman who promised he could get her a modeling job and make her famous. Instead, he kidnaps her, making her his prisoner. With no hope of getting away, she has no choice but to submit to him. That is until she meets Dominick Quintus, her life just becomes more dangerous when Abe trades her to Dominick. The man was known for having ties to the mafia, tall, dark and dangerous. Men fear him, women fall at his feet. Appalled with being treated like property she is determined to fight Dominick, refusing to go from being one man's whore to another. But Dominick has a deep dark secret, hidden from everyone and when he meets Aurora he knows he has to get her away from Abe. So he makes a trade with the man, giving him what he's been wanting in exchange for the girl.

Chapter 1

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The Trade
by tamlaura1