The Howler Chronicl...
By ShanakeeMitch
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The Werewolf, the Giant, the Assassin, the Tracker, and the beautiful, but deadly, Warrioress. What more could you want in a medieval quest guild? The Howlers have been brought to near extinction by the Shepherds, a group of mercenaries who have hunted the werewolves for generations. William Bane is one of the last of his kind on the mystical Isle of Shanakee, and he is being pursued by the island's tyrannical king. With the help of a few newly acquired companions, he begins his quest across Shanakee in search of a figure from his past, who may hold the answers to the island's dark secrets. Each chapter of Book 1 is recounted in first person by one of four characters: The Howler, The Keeper, The Pathmaker, and The Sovereign.

1. The Howler

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The Howle...
by ShanakeeMitch