Trapped With Wings
By DiamondWillowTree
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(A fan's side story of Upon Wings of Change) *I thank Crystal Scherer for the wonderful book that inspired this run off story that takes place in the same universe! I dedicate this story as a gift to her and all her readers!* Aspen was pretty young when she was kidnapped by the scientists. She had turned eighteen and recently moved out to go to college when she was ambushed. There was no way to see them coming and no possible way to be prepared for what would happen. Then Aspen has her entire life taken away from her for a second time and will need to decide if she is willing to live on with what she's lost. The hardships she will go through are unlike any of the dragonets on the earth as she stands face to face with life and death situations. Sneak peak: I knew I could never go back to the life I once had but I didn't wish for this end to come to my family. Sure, the scientists deserved what they got coming, but not everyone else. The only word I could think of to describe this situation was unfair. Though, if I remembered correctly, that was the definition many used for life. (Quick disclamer: Most characters within this story are my own. The universe is not mine. I've tried to make every scenario as cannon as possible. My story in no way rips off Crystal Scherer's original story of Upon Wings of Change. Only builds upon it. Please read the original before reading this side story or else it might not make a whole lot of sense. Also read the original because it's AMAZING.) Idea started June 16 2018 Started writing June 25th 2018 First chapter posted Nov. 29 2018 First Fanart given Jan. 20 2019 Last part posted March 15 2019

°~《Chapter One》~°

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Trapped W...
by DiamondWillowTree