A Royal Kidnapping
By TeaAndWords
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"Your mother is a lovely woman." Duke Charleston rambled. [...] "Please, shut up." [...] "No I'm serious. I am not just rambling back here. Your mother is a delightful woman, I am just confused as how she managed to raise such a screw up as you." "Gee, I've never heard that one before, Charles." **** "You don't look so dignified right now do ya Charles?" "The only reason I don't look dignified right now is because you forced me into your smelly peasant clothes and shoved me into the backseat of your questionable vehicle." "Would you have preferred I had allowed you to remain in your royal tighty whities your majesty?" Tanner scoffed **** When growing up goes wrong and childhood best friends are left on opposing sides of the kingdom, one a gang leader dead-set on murdering all the royals left in power, and one a Duke preparing to take over the throne, what will happen when one is kidnapped?

The Duke and the Gang Lord

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A Royal K...
by TeaAndWords