Mending Falls ✓
By ScarlettBlackDaisy
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| a true story about a broken boy who loves healing broken hearts and a girl who wants to heal his | Ryan Falls is haunted by the ghosts of his past. Running from his abusive LA childhood to the icy chill of Alaska, he collides headfirst with Crystal, whose life is an abyss darker than the one he left behind. As the girl with a kind heart and the boy with a smile that can conquer any heart begin to unravel each other's secrets, graves are dug up and demons brought to life. One after the next, they fight, hand in hand as they race from Alaska back to LA and further ahead, chasing their monsters and fighting their battles, until they realize running is no longer an option. Because sometimes ... to rise, one must fall. Warning: The story contains triggers such as substance use, mental health issues, toxic relationships, abuse -- verbal, emotional, sexual and physical -- and suicide. Do not read if you are uncomfortable with these. You are also likely to fall head over heels for the male lead -- who is super flawed but in the most beautiful way. Don't say I didn't warn you. | Book III in the True Stories Series but can be read as a standalone |

part I - fall

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Mending F...
by ScarlettBlackDaisy