The Tributes Of Nin...
By AlexTodorova17
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The Land Of Ninjago. 74 years after it has been concurred by the Capitol, and engraved in 13 Districts, the last of which destroyed. Because of an uprising, every year there are Hunger Games, in which two tributes, a boy and a girl, in between the age of 12 and 18 gets to be reaped and send into the Hunger Games to fight until there is only one alive. Skylor Chen lives in District 12 with her father and sister, having to feed them. What happened when her little sister gets reaped and has to go in The Hunger Games? The Hunger Games/Ninjago cross over. 300 followers special! Thank you so much guys! Hope you enjoy! {I do not own Ninjago and it's characters and the plot of 'The Hunger Games', nor the picture, although the cover is made by moi}

The Tributes of Ninjago

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