The Master, The Mur...
By aestheticharryy
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Harry Styles. Owner of sexual slaves trade and leader of a rioting gang wanted for killings, fights, and abuse. She was dragged into this, dragged into being treated like a rock, kicked, punched, smashed even. Dragged and forced into making Harry money, dragged into sex, dragged into nothing but terror. She was no longer an innocent girl anymore, she's seen horrid things, been through and done worst. She found the truth, the horrible, gut-wrenching truth...she couldn't get away still. She loved him, she hated him too. Harry, he couldn't let her win, couldn't let him fall in love. Harry couldn't love her, he never loved his workers, but he knew she would change things. He knew she was something different, not just the money maker, a prized possession or a fling. She was more to him he got lost in her, in her ways, in her doings, but he still couldn't let her win. He loved her, but he hated her too. They both had two sides. Hate and love...or was it lust? Was it all a waste? Will they ever come to a conclusion? Love? Hate? Lust? Dread? - COMPLETED AND EDITED. COPYRIGHT © 2015, aestheticharryy All rights reserved, please don't copy and/or steal my story.

The Master, The Murderer.

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The Maste...
by aestheticharryy