PSYCHO - Some Heroe...
By ProjectVN
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As a child, anime nerd Cadell Walker once told himself that having superpowers would be the best day of his life. He was wrong. Very wrong. In a near-future London, eighteen-year-old Cadell suffers from a super-powered schizophrenia which torments him with a bloodthirsty voice inside his head. After succumbing to a seizure that brutally murders his parents, he gains an obsession: to protect the city from crime at all costs. However, in order to cleanse the streets plagued by gang crime, he must learn to control his wide array of superpowers and symptoms while evading a federal agency who are determined to capture him for experimentation. The dangerous path he takes soon forces him to confront the only person who truly understands the pain of his illness--a long lost brother who will do whatever it takes for him to change. Protecting the city will be the least of Cadell's problems if he's the one to terrorize it. Superhero||Science fiction||Fantasy ---------------------------------------------- ~Highest rankings: #1 Vigilante #1 Antihero

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