Hidden Within The H...
By wholesomelad_
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Evangeline Livingston was not the typical Hollywood dreamer. She made her way up the charts by manipulating, cheating, and conning her way through various men and woman. She was a very intelligent woman for her time and knew what any woman would do to be a Hollywood star. Misogynistic men wanted the thin woman with large breasts and a small waist. The woman would hurt themselves to be just what the directors wanted and she knew they would pay any price for a perfect body. She had the degrees to legally be able to perform any plastic surgery she wanted. That's where she found herself joining the dark web and its many atrocities. She led people into the comfort of the perfect body and used them for profit. She was abused and turned into this creature that was so beautiful but so deadly. She sold the insecure woman's organs to the needy people who knew what life was worth. Her new work involved living in California, so she had to find a residence. The only place that seemed to have any history of disappearances was the infamous Hotel Cortez. The perfect place to use for her cold business. Unknown to her, she had walked into the addiction that was the Hotel.


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Hidden Wi...
by wholesomelad_