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Sora Takahashi died saving his classmate from Truck-kun. Instead of moving on to the afterlife, he was given a choice by the Goddess of Worlds. He could either go on to the afterlife, or become the Overseer of the world called Auralel. Choosing to be reincarnated, he was then given the ability to customize his own character, and add some an extent...The goddess however, gave him an extra boost in abilities and skills. During his first day in a new world, Sora meets a young girl bathing in a lake. What will happen when these two go on a journey together? What awaits Sora in the future? Let's find out, as we watch this journey together. This is an Original story that I am writing by myself. So do not make any claim that this is being Plagiarized, the characters, as well as the world, and the story itself are all written by me. Started: June 2018 10k Reads: May 2019 20k Reads: June 2019 60K Reads: September 2019 100k Reads: Christmas 2019 Highest Rank: #1 lightnovel


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