The Ultimate Betray...
By Queen_Tingzzz
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Logan Carter. A happy, married, rich man. Only the age of 26. His wife, Sarah, is a woman he's known his whole life. They were highschool swethearts and stayed together through thick and thin. That is... Until she came along. ~*~ - Logan - "Logan." She calls out to me and I squeeze my eyes shut. "Tell me, what do you want," she whispers into my ear. She places a kiss on my neck, just below my jaw. My fucking sweet spot. With a moan, "stop it," I demand. I put my hands on her lovely wide hips to push her away, but I only end up pulling her closer. "I'm m-married. I l-love my wife!" I stutter, wishing away my stiff hard on. "If you loved her so much, than why are you here with me, Logan. Tell me what you want." The way she says my name, she takes my breath away. "I-I want..." Tell her you want her to stay away. Tell her that you want nothing to do to her, I chant in my head. "I want... you." A groan falls from my lips as she grasps the back of my neck to pull me down to her level before putting her luscious lips in mine. __________ Yasmine, she's like this forbidden fruit and I'm a starved man. On the outside, the fruit looks juicy and plump. Surely, it will quench my hunger. But don't get it twisted, once you take a bite... There is nothing stopping you from eating the delicious fruit whole. Not caring what the origin or the side effects of eating the fruit are. And that's Yasmine. I know I shouldn't even be near her, but I can't help it. I want her. _______

The Ultimate Betrayal

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The Ultim...
by Queen_Tingzzz