Kepler 452-B
By SebastianHidalgo95
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Earth, 2021. They came down from the Sky to give us progress like we've never seen before. We thought we were ready, but we weren't: a nuclear war divided mankind, so once again we were on the edge of destruction and when they tried to help us we responded with war... that's the reason they punished us. Kepler unleashed Blackout on Earth, on our home - a lethal virus cabale of killing only human beings in just sixty seconds. It killed billions of people and the few survivors were forced to hide under the ground for a century. Earth, 2121 Three women and six men, the volunteers who were hibernated before the outbreak, must now rise again, face a new world and assume the responsibility to protect it: they're the "Risen Ones", and the dying humanity imprisoned under Earth's poisoned ground has been hanging on to the hope that they could - one day - save them. Under the leadership of President Vincent Maynard Keaton and the old Dr. Robert Wise, the Risen Ones must find a way to get back to the surface, survive the virus, fight the keplerian forces that oversee Earth and reach Kepler 452-B, the Twin Planet, and convince them that mankind has changed and deserves a shot at redemption.

Chapter I

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