Red Glory
By world_joy_
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • battle
  • beauty
  • chaos
  • conquer
  • death
  • fight
  • glory
  • goddess
  • idol
  • joy
  • king
  • lioness
  • love
  • newadult
  • pain
  • paranormal
  • peace
  • romance
  • teenfiction
  • war


Catina never had a reason to hate her strange appearance. Her golden hair and deep brown eyes- eyes that could be mistaken for red- had never caused her any misfortune. Until one night, the great conqueror arrived- a man who wanted the world for himself and would stop at nothing until it bowed at his feet. Catina's appearance fits that of his tribe's Goddess and he knows that she is the reincarnation of "Mikabellum." Taken suddenly from her home, and cast onto the high podium of deity, Catina finds that the world of richness and beauty is not all as it seems. Her mind soon revolves around a single thought- "think like a goddess." Copyright © 2019 world_joy_ all rights reserved.


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Red Glory
by world_joy_