Destined to Hate (E...
By WriterAKSxoxo
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Don't cry. Don't cry. You're stronger than that. He's not worth it. He's not worth those tears. I took a deep breath and blinked my eyes rapidly as I made my way out of the office. Kyle was over there smiling in victory and when his eyes met mine, he smirked coldly at me. This time I could hold my tears in as they fell from my eyes. As Kyle's eyes followed the trails of tears down my cheek, his smirk slowly dropped. He looked taken aback and his gaze softened. I shivered in anger and disgust at him. I cant believe I just let him see me cry. I speed walked out of the cafe's door. As I started to hail a cab, a hand grabbed my arm and turned me around. "What do you want, Kyle? Haven't you done fucking enough?" I screamed at him. "No, I--" "Are you happy now? Satisfied, yet? Huh?" I shouted at him as I repeatedly jabbed my index finger at his chest. "Kyle, This might be just some game to you but to me it was my only chance of survival." I paused, my voice husky from all the screaming and my tone laced with sadness, "And you just came and blew it away." I say as another tear escapes my eye. "Avery--" He gives me a pained expression and raises his hand to touch my cheek but I slap it away. "Don't fucking touch me!" I screamed and then said "You think that you're so high and mighty, don't you?" I croaked out in a sarcastic tone and the tears repeatedly trailed down my face. "Well someday you'll lose the one thing that you've treasured most and then you'll regret everything you've done." "But by then, it'll be too late because it'll be all gone." I finish and get in the cab as I wipe the tears running down my cheek. ☆☆☆☆☆ Actual summary of the book inside. Enjoy. #4 TeenFiction 20/12/19 #1 in Maturecontent 3/12/18 #21 in arrogant 14/05/19 #4 in billionaire 11/1/20 #80 in romance 29/12/19

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