The Night Court
By Poindexter
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  • 19thcentury
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  • murder
  • nonhuman
  • politics
  • polyamory
  • romance
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Mikolaj von Stopa is a courtesan, a beloved companion, and a liar. **** The Night Court is one of many brothels in Jelberok that caters to the rich and elite. Mikolaj is no stranger to decadence and deception, surrounded by the undercurrent of illegal drugs and strict politics, everyone in the scandalous city has something to hide. Survival is contingent on keeping appearances and no one uncovering the truth of his own double life. However, when a strange newcomer to the brothel rivals his position and he finds himself inexplicably drawn into a reputation-ruining affair, the lies Mikolaj has built starts to unravel as a dark truth about his country rears its ugly head. Content Warning: This story contains scenes of mature sexual content, substance abuse, references of sexual abuse, and some violence. Cover designed by Holly Thurston

Chapter One

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The Night...
by Poindexter