My Mate Is My Devil...
By TheUnknownCatGirl
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I walked into The Anderson Corporation of Finances Building smelling a lot of humans but a hint of werewolves. I became scared of the thought of werewolves here and almost turned around. "There is no way we are going to run away just because of a bunch of dogs are here and after all of those late nights studying for this stupid dream job of yours!!!!" Thora said forcing my legs to walk. I took the elevator noticing that the higher I went up the smell of wolves became more noticeable and the more vulnerable I felt. "Hello. Uh-um.. I am Sophia Gonzalez and I am here to be the Secretary for Mr. Anderson," I told the middle aged lady at the front desk. I knew that she knew that I was a were-cat because she was weary of me. She looked at me with pity for a flash second and then called Mr. Anderson to ask him if I could go in. She put the phone down and said,"Miss. Gonzalez you may go in now." I open the door to Mr. Anderson's office and just as it creaked open I sensed the smell of an Alpha wolf. "MATE!!!! FINALLY OUR MATE!!!!." "What the hell are you talking ab---!?" Before I could even say anything else a strong large hand grabbed my arm, spun me around, slammed the door behind me and pushed my arms against the wall. Electricity was unleashed through my entire body and I heard a rough deep but beautiful voice say "MINE.."

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My Mate I...
by TheUnknownCatGirl