Fame Changed Everyt...
By Larrys_Girl
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Harry and Louis have always been best friends, ever since they were little. They did everything together and were practically attached at the hip. When they turned fourteen, they realized they had more than friendly feelings for each other and started a relationship. Everything was going well for the two boys, their friends and family accepting them immediately and all. However, that was until they turned sixteen and Harry auditioned for The X-Factor. Louis went there to support him along with Harry's mother, stepdad, sister, aunt and cousins. He was happy for him because Harry's biggest dream had always been to become a singer. However, what he nor anybody else expected was for Harry to end up second place in the competition, which also made him become successful all over the world. Suddenly, he was gone, and thanks to the fame, Louis and Harry drifted apart. Though, they never officially broke up. Louis was heartbroken when the curly haired lad started ignoring him, but there was literally nothing he could do about it. He'd tried everything to get in touch with Harry again. So, what happens when Harry takes a break from his tour two years later to go home and visit Holmes Chapel? Will Louis and Harry ever get back with each other or are they never going to get along again? What if things only get even worse? © All Rights Reserved 2017. Larrys_Girl Highest Rankings: #7 in Larry #1 in Larrystylinson

The Prologue

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Fame Chan...
by Larrys_Girl