Mute Ava
By estherije
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Edited by @kokobycole .... "Wait, Collins do you know this girl?" "Uhhh yeah I do. You know her?" Collins asks back. "She's the mannerless girl I told you about that couldn't even apologize after breaking my tablets" he eyes me scornfully. I give him the glare of the century. "No man, she's not like that. She couldn't apologize coz she's MUTE!". Avalon Williams is a beautiful mute 21 year old. She has people who understand her quiteness. She get to meet an arrogant rich handsome guy that insulted her not knowing she was mute.. WARNING : CONTAINS MILD ABUSE AND MALTREATMENT. Inspired by 'Ovy's voice'. Cover made by @kokobycole Please follow @kokobycole and read his books, he's been a very big contribution to my book. He's in charge of the graphics and editing of my book. It'll be nice Follow him and read his books. Thank you. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

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Mute Ava
by estherije