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After months of sharing his dreams with a young Tom Riddle, things take a sharp left turn at the Battle of Hogwarts, when Harry is killed and visits the 'train station,' only to leave there with a gift he would give anything to protect. That gift, however, causes those he trusted to turn on him and Harry has to flee for his life. Unexpectedly, while on the run, Harry walks through a gateway into another reality with prospering Empires, dangerous magical races, and the very man who unknowingly gave Harry back his will to live. ... ... ... "A trembling hand pressed to the barest swell of his stomach before curling into a tight fist around the fabric of his shirt. His lungs flooded with helplessness. And it was almost like he could feel the heartbeat, a fluttering little thing weaker than the brush of a moth's wings and quick as a hummingbird. His Hummingbird. How horribly, morbidly easy it might stutter to a stop, the small flame of a candle snuffed by a gentle breath. 'I can't lose you. . .' '. . . please. . .'"

Flight of the Raven

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by ObsidianQuill