The Case of Daisy
By 1hopeless_romantic
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She's lived her whole life believing in love. Love is something many don't have faith in. After all, there are so many instances where it fails. The case of Daisy Latour isn't one like others. Until now. Her whole life, Daisy has believed that love is the strongest force and that it can't be broken. She's never had a reason to not believe that. Her parents were in love, it seemed, and she's had one boyfriend her whole life who loved her dearly. Everything changes when she moves to a new town. One with the cliche of bad boys who use good girls and spoil them. Love seems like a far-fetched idea when her parents start to split up and she finds her heart broken. No one else in this town believes in love, and her will isn't strong enough to hold out. Her heart hurts. Whose heart will heal hers?

The Case of Daisy • welcome • summary • copyright

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The Case...
by 1hopeless_romantic