New Elysium: Weapon...
By New_Elysium
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Something is creeping through the systems, and a dark shadow has befallen cyberspace. After Red rescued Ember from the clutches of her father, and almost died in the process, he is recuperating on New Elysium. Their moment of respite is brief, as a series of mysterious glitches soon spread throughout the systems of the colony, and a bounty is set on Ember's head for betraying her Neo-Tokyan heritage. An unexpected reunion with a former friend turned enemy leaves Nova injured and grounded on New Elysium as well. As Amy embarks on a mad off-world quest to find a rare piece of hardware needed to save him, dragging Red along with her, Nova and Ember are left to deal with the fallout from the resurrection of an evil that several years ago, led to the Purge of all augments. Sequel to New Elysium: And Against the Tide: _______ Because this story is a collaborative effort we've decided to move it to our mutual profile so that @Taivaan_Sininen and myself @Red_Leasia can edit it.

Prologue: Juni

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New Elysi...
by New_Elysium