Badboy In my Playho...
By fishycake7
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"Why don't you get it, Ivy? I don't want to be friends and I don't need your help. I just want to fuck you so that I can finally get you out of my head, then you can go back to your perfect little life without me." Evan isn't your cliche bad boy, he is aggressive, somewhat unlikeable and an actual womanizer with little to no regard for who he hurts. He gets allocated the name "beast" by his peers, because of his ruthless personality. Since he could remember he has looked out for number one because he's learned that no one else will. Strong-willed Ivy has stayed out of his sights for ten years, even though she lives right next door, goes to the same school and takes classes with him, mostly because she has made conscious efforts not to be noticed by anyone besides her small group of friends including Gunner for as long as she could remember. But everything changes when she, in order to protect her friend, stands up to Evan and throws his whole philosophy out the window with her caring nature... and maybe an accidental make-out session in her playhouse. But bad boys don't change overnight. So what will it take to tame this beast? And will she realize feelings for him or someone else in the process of trying to change him?

Chapter 1-

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Badboy In...
by fishycake7