My Bright Eyes (Rir...
By FireAuburn
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(Soulmate au) Eren Jëagar an young 18 year old has had a hard life. His mom died of a disease that his dad couldn't fix. His dad was one of the most famous doctors. But he was very abusive with his son. Most of the time Eren doesn't come home for that reason. When he does it's Hell. He works at a gay stripper place. His stipper name Is Jëagar Bomb. He works under a guy named Erwin which is a mafia rival too another mafia named 'Survey Corps'. His life was pretty awful and even more so when his life is put in danger. His stripper place is called The Titans. Levi Ackerman a Mafia Boss he is the most deadliest People alive. He grew up with his uncle Kenny. He taught him how to kill and which way to kill. He also taught him how to steal and kill. He has his assistants Mikasa his sister, Hanjin his main assistant, Petra (secret admirer) his maid, and the rest are chef's Sasha, Conny, Marco, and Jean. They are trained especially to take care of Kills, murder, and hiding from the police. Levi is a dangerous man. his Rival is The Titans.

Chapter 1- Prologue

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My Bright...
by FireAuburn