The Girl who is lov...
By Hime_chan10
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Cover made by: @Justdab_42 [Percy Weasley Love Story] Azalea Lily Potter is the eldest child and only daughter of James and Lily Potter. She is also the older twin sister of Harry James Potter. On October 31st, 1981, James and Lily sacrificed their lives to protect their beloved children. Lord Voldemort went up to Harry with the thought of killing the young infant since someone told him that a man born at the end of the seventh month would kill him. The Dark Lord was aware of Azalea's presence, but he disregards her for a second. His primary motive was to kill Harry, but once the Dark Lord finishes his job, he will then kill Azalea. After casting the killing curse called Avada Kedavra onto Harry, it backfired, and the curse immediately killed the Dark Lord. Harry's Godfather, Sirius Black found the twins, and he safely takes them out of the house as he carefully passes them to the Half-Giant, Hagrid. I do not own the characters in this story except for Azalea Potter.

Ch. 1 I'm pregnant with twins

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The Girl...
by Hime_chan10