The Girl who is lov...
By Hime_chan10
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Draco Malfoy Love Story Azalea Lily Potter is the only daughter of James and Lily Potter. She is the older twin sister of Harry James Potter. On October 31, 1981, she and her younger brother lost their parents to Lord Voldemort. Their parents' death caused them to become orphans, and they were sent to live at the Dursley who are related to them through their mother. On that same night, Petunia Dursley found her niece and nephew outside of her house. She found a letter with her name on it and found out that her younger sister was murder and that she was named the guardian to Azalea and Harry Potter. At first, Petunia didn't want to be their guardian but seeing Azalea for the first time reminded her of Lily as a baby. Feelings of hate and envy towards Lily vanish as she held Azalea and Harry in her arms. When Azalea opened her eyes which were the same color as Lily, Petunia decided that she will take care of her younger sister's children as her own. I do not own the characters in this story except for Azalea Lily Potter.

Ch. 1 It's him!

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The Girl...
by Hime_chan10