What I Needed (SAMP...
By TinkLeonhardt
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Jakobe Sloan, a ruthless Vice President to the Road Warriors MC. Priya Anthony, the mysterious woman he saved from the clutches of death. Will their loyalty rip one another apart? "I need air," Priya snapped, forcefully closing the door behind her. But like a fool, I followed, and we continued our heated discussion. Both of us, barely containing our tempers. "Priya, you have to understand, we have no idea who you are?" "And you think acting this way is going to get the answers you want, Jakobe?" She stomped past everyone, cursing gruffly. "If you would just open up?" "I've been talking for two weeks!" "Yeah, about everything but the reason why I found you half dead in the middle of the road." "I can't give you that answer." "Then tell me something?" My frustration boiled over as I growled. "I have, you're just not listening, Jakobe." I grabbed Priya by the wrist; our little argument had caused enough of a scene to draw the brothers attention. I know why, they are just as curious about her. "So, who hurt you?" This time I cupped Priya's face, forcing her to focus directly on me. "Who hurt you, and will they try again?" Tears welled in her eyes as Priya firmly held my wrists with her delicate and soft hands. I could see the turmoil slide across her face, Priya couldn't hide anymore, it was crucial now, she had to offer something substantial. "Yes, Jakobe. Yes, they will try again." Her bottom lip quivered as the teardrops escaped, rolling down her rosy cheeks.

Chapter 1 ~ Finding you

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What I Ne...
by TinkLeonhardt