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[PREVIOUSLY "Belle and the Blue Box" - under editing but still updating] Daisy Darling knew that she was not ordinary. It wasn't that she didn't have friends or family who loved her, but she felt like dead walking among the living, unable to truly connect with anyone. It was clear in her heart that although she went through all the motions, walking among those she existed with, she was a ghost. Her peculiarity was camouflaged by a smile and a charming social mask, but not even that could fully hid the fiery brilliance that was bursting at the seams within her. Then, at precisely the right moment, a Mad-Man in a blue box swept in magnificently, commanding the attention of all. A man who called himself The Doctor. Clever, handsome, and everything beautiful about the universe, he was able to spark something to life in Daisy she hadn't even known existed. Something that explained to her why she never really felt human. From the very first moment she opened that shockingly brilliant mouth of hers, the Doctor knew Daisy was different, just as she had seen in him. Her eyes held a thousand years worth of experience and empathy, yet she was vibrant and never-ending like someone new to the world. Unlike all his companions before, Daisy knew in the beginning he would not keep her forever--but that did not at all mean she was going to let go. He had had many companions: Rose Tyler, the one he lost. Martha Jones, the one who left. Donna Noble, the one who forgot. Amy Pond, the one he saved. Daisy Darling was determined to be the one who saved him. #49 in Science Fiction

Beautiful Paradox {Doctor Who}

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by scythereIIa