Twins Switched Plac...
By dtionie
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Maya Meet Maya , 17 years old in her last year of high school. She lives in West Hill the poorer part of the New York with her mom, Anny.She is loving, kind and always satisfy with what little she has .She has a twin named Kara who lives with their dad in the richer part of the city. They never talked or interact with other until one day she is asked to move with their father and take the place of her twin because she disappeared until she returned or can be found. What happens when she struggles to fit in the world of riches. What happens when she meets Kara's boyfriend and she falls in love forgetting this life is fake. Will her real life catches up with her fake life. Secrets are kept , lies are told , people gets hurt and lots of drama happens.Join me in Maya's fake life.

Chapter 1

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Twins Swi...
by dtionie