My Sudden Bodyguard...
By boyish_blue
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Lozel Vilasco never thought that he'll find a friend in his years of existance as an actor and a company heir in America. For an important man like him, it's an impossibility. A miracle. But what if... This friend becomes his bodyguard and a lifetime ally of his? Without even knowing who she really is? And what was she doing for a living before she became his bodyguard? Oh yes! This friend is a She! A woman. A lady of possibilities and impossibilities. She can turn a place into hell with just the snap of her fingers. If she wants to. Calm yet dangerous, that's how Lozel Vilasco known Blue Valcy from the very first time they met. Now, how will he react as he slowly yet surely finds out who she really is? Started: 06-12-18 Ended: 01-07-19 Book cover by Heramii Edited by Twisted Augenblick © All copyrights reserved

My Sudden Bodyguard

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My Sudden...
by boyish_blue