minus the ss
By mi0tae
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Princess Taehyung of Silla, has a secret he guards with his life but one careless action caused the unbearable, rich 'merchant' Jeon Jungkook to unravel him. ... ⌘ ... "So it turns out the princess is a prince." The mystery man whistled. He had continued to stare at the pond that looked like a galaxy. The moon was shining against the green-blue water, as the stars that were sprinkled across the sky were reflected against the water. It was sight that would've been shocking but not as shocking as the princess real identity. "W-who are you?" Taehyung quietly asked, his hands covering his mouth. "Jungkook," He stated as if the princess would know who he was. "The merchant," he quickly added. Taehyung lowered his hands to dust off his clothes. He tidied himself up before staring straight at this brat and smiled. "I hope you enjoy you're last breathe, Jungkook."

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minus the...
by mi0tae