Because Of You, I L...
By SinnerOfLove
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(ON HIATUS UNTIL 30 NOVEMBER 2019) It was just a normal day for Marinette, waking up late, being late for school, kissing her parents goodbye, daydreaming about Adrien. But everything changed when she walked into school. All of her friends, except for Adrien, turned their backs on her, they start to bully her, such as cyber bullying and in other ways such as verbally, physically and socially for about a while now. She doesn't know why everyone is doing this to her, but she may know who started all of this. One night, after cutting, Cat Noir breaks into Marinette's house and stops her, she tells him her story, and Cat Noir promises to never leave her side. After visiting her these few nights, Marinette and Cat Noir become best friends. But after both of them start to feel Ladybug and Adrien will never notice or even love them, they give up on both of them, and focus more on each other, and start to fall in love. But there are people who will tear their relationship apart no matter what the cost.


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Because O...
by SinnerOfLove