Silently Falling
By tracy_y
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«Do everything that fall, break?» "Damn it, Rose." He gritted as he slammed his hands on the wall, placing them on either side of my head, effectively caging me in. "Why are you making this so difficult?" His deep, sea-coloured eyes staring back at my own and his warm breath fanning my face made me feel extremely light-headed and nervous. " I.. I.." I stammered, unable to respond. Something flickered in his eyes as he leaned closer, " You look so cute and innocent when you're like this, my love." he whispered against my ear and gently skimmed his lips down my neck. I was completely frozen at the spot as he slowly pulled back to gaze into my eyes. He pushed a stray piece of hair out of my face and gingerly brushed the back of his fingers against my cheeks as he continued, " But let's get this straight. I've been yours for a long time, and it's time you accept the fact that you're mine as well. " ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What would you do if you got your heart broken into pieces by your first love? I'll tell you what a normal person wouldn't do; completely give up on love, pack their bags and move into another city, and act like the whole ordeal didn't even happen. But well, that's exactly what our girl Rose does. Was what she did healthy? Nope, but she didn't care. Luckily for her, things were going just how she wanted it, until she stumbled across the High-school heartthrob, Rhyan Knight. Things get complicated for her and the Billionaire Heir when their hatred for each other only seemed to fuel the attraction between them. As if being caught in a raging war between her heart and mind wasn't enough, a dangerous stalker gets thrown into the mixture. When danger lurks behind every corner and Rose no longer knows whom she can trust, will Rhyan be there to catch her when she falls? ------------------------------------------- Highest Rankings: #3 in Teenfiction #3 in Chicklit #7 in Romance #1 in heartbreak 《Updates every Friday》

Silently Falling

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by tracy_y