A Story To Tell: Se...
By thatrandomgeekgirl
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There is something different about this virus. It doesn't just make you sick. It kills you. It reanimates, it turns you into something else. An ordinary teen? That's what Amber would consider herself. She checks all the boxes for a regular teenager. Boyfriend. Annoying brothers. Loving parents. Sporty. Smart. But what happens when her school is put on lockdown for a mass infection spreading? People are killing each other for supplies. The so-called "infected people" are eating others alive. They're never sleeping, never crying with pain. The only thing stopping them is to destroy the brain. Now, Axel, whose always had to fend for himself lunges into this new world with the idea of survival. But is it so different from before? With his lonely and depressing childhood, he makes a promise to someone. He will protect those he loves. Even if it means he loses his humanity in the process. Prepare for chair edging action and dangerous foes that will keep you wondering about whether humanity actually exists. And if these sacred lives will be tattered, tested, and ruined in the dangerous new world that has hit them. Word Count: 73,416 Ranked #1 in zombieapocalypse Ranked #3 in apocalypse Ranked #7 in survive Ranked #1 in endtimes Ranked #1 in zombieoutbreak Ranked #7 in survivor Ranked #70 in kill Ranked #28 in endoftheworld Ranked #21 in risk Ranked #38 in survival Ranked #16 in zombie Ranked #509 in horror Start: 4.21.19 Finish: 2.14.20 DISCLAIMER- This is a FICTIONAL novel, this book is not scientifically accurate when it comes to the idea of zombies.

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A Story T...
by thatrandomgeekgirl