House of Cards
By thatpaintedmind
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Warning: Mature Content "Don't... please stop." She shut her eyes tight as thick set of tears roll down her porcelain cheeks. She even bit her lip to refrain herself from sobbing. While he... he just ignored her pleas and continued caressing her inner thighs as he slowly push her both legs up, exposing her hidden gem. "It's a no, Farrah. You can't change my mind." Her lips trembled with his stern, authoritative voice. "H-Hindi ba pinag-usapan na natin 'to? A-Alam nating hindi tayo magtatagal. A-Alam nating sa umpisa pa lang ay mali na lahat ng-" she was cut off from her statements when she felt his hot breath fanning her womanhood. "I know... and I'm sorry." His voice was hoarse as he parted her legs wider, giving him more access to her sex. "But I don't know how to stop anymore..." And the next thing she knew, his warm, wet tongue already dipped over her aching flesh. She gasped as he lashed his tongue deep between the lips of her cunt before running it through her slit, slowly going up to catch her sensitive clit inside his mouth to suck it slowly, but hardly. She called his name, she meant it to be a protest, but just as what he expected, it came out as a moan.

House of Cards

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House of...
by thatpaintedmind