A Godly Game
By HollyShmit
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What does a cursed queen, up tight scholar and drunk prince have in common? The end of the world, of course! **** In a world of gods, everyone from Vangeryk, realm of Gifters, can gift one of the four elements. The brutal royals of this realm can gift all four. Now let's meet our three key characters. Maura Conium, a first born royal and heir to her throne is also very much cursed. Being the only person that cannot gift a single element, she was cast out to train in the art of swords untill her return. Nodin Gust, an uptight air gifting scholar on a quest is also the first person to learn of and believe the prophecy about the end of the world. Focused on his mission, he's very much willing to lay down his own life for the greater good. Elrick Korona, the forth Prince of Norgery, a lover of wine, believes he's going to die. With an upcoming battle to the death between him and his older brothers, he doesn't even want to try and win. He'd much rather be drunk when the time comes. But when fate calls for these three characters to come together, they must all make some hard decisions. Does Maura pick saving her country or saving the world? Does Nodin truly believe this world deserves his life? Does Elrick ever sober up? (Not likely ^) But in this Godly Game of good vs evil, our hero's learn that making the right decision can cost you your life. And making the wrong decision can cost you the lives of everyone else. *** "To the Gods, it's all just a game..." "Now let's show them how to play." *** DAILY UPDATES

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A Godly G...
by HollyShmit