Waiting For You
By MackieJay
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Amelia always knew she wanted to have lots of kids one day, but being married to a transgender man in a small southern town means the journey to parenthood won't be so clear-cut. Sam knew when he started transitioning that life wouldn't always be easy for him, just like he knew he wouldn't be able to give his wife biological children, at least not in the traditional way. Now that they're both settled in their careers and they've made plans to get a bigger place, Amelia and Sam are ready to start looking at their options to expand their family. With a lot of love between the two of them and a bit of science from the fertility clinic, they can still have what they've always wanted. "You have no idea how long we've been waiting for you, and how much you are loved." - Sam Willems.

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Waiting F...
by MackieJay