Heart of Stone
By Fanwarrior480
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WARNING: THIS IS A FETUS BOOK AND CONTAINS AWFUL WRITING so uh read at your own risk lmao "Whom you're meant to be with isn't exactly the same as the one whom your heart chooses to be with." Girls and boys are given necklaces at birth, to indicate whom they're meant to be with when they are around the age to marry. The necklaces grow warmer and warmer as the one whom they're meant to be with comes closer to where they are, and grows colder as they are farther away. Feralie York had received a purple heart necklace when she was born, and had lived with it for years, without having the slightest bit of warmth. Suddenly, she finally has a bit of warmth come from her necklace at the age of 18. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to actually meet him, since it was while walking down the street. But everything changes when she actually meets her sudden plot twist... {ADDITIONAL NOTE: I DON'T OWN THE FAULT IN OUR STARS (hahaha) BUT I MENTION IT IN THE BOOK. ALSO, THERE ARE TRIGGER WARNINGS IN THE FINAL CHAPTER, SO JUST BE WARNED AND REMEMBER THAT I LOVE YOU ALL *throws cookies*}

Heart of Stone

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Heart of...
by Fanwarrior480