The Transcendent Vi...
By nightwish435
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Abigail Wright, a young transgender girl in Bellview High, is haunted in both her dreams and waking world by visions from her school's dark past, all revolving around a former student and various entities contacting Abigail through supernatural means. Bellview's supposedly peaceful nature quickly fades away as the corruption induced by the town's most influential family comes to light, along with the monstrous misdeeds of the family's elder daughter. As Abigail works persistently to uncover every last disturbing detail of the tragedy that took place in her hometown four years prior, she learns just how cruel the citizens of Bellview can truly be. The idea for this story was influenced by the supernatural t.v. show Twin Peaks, along with the video games Life is Strange and the Silent Hill series. More than anything else, the biggest influencing factors from these works of art are the tragic tales of their female deuteragonists: Laura Palmer, Rachel Amber, and Alessa Gillespie.


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The Trans...
by nightwish435