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Cha Chi Park is a 38-year-old business genius from a South Korean Chaebol family. He loves nothing more than what money and power have afforded him in life. When Cha Chi's business empire connects with an American company, the "Billionaire Bad Boy" meets the one woman strong enough to tell him something no one has ever said to him. NO! Being who he is, Cha Chi refuses to acknowledge that someone dares to tell him NO. Charity Sinclaire is an accounts manager for a company desperately seeking entry into the Korean retail market, and yet, she dares to tell him a resounding... NO! Not only does Charity leave Cha Chi on RED, but she also ignores him during a very important meeting. Wrong move! Cha Chi refuses to allow her to get away with embarrassing his ego by treating him like he is some random nobody. He decides to show the impudent young woman the true nature of a true BOSS and what happens when a bad-boy billionaire is seduced and captivated by a curvaceous vixen who turns him out on his ear pretending she did nothing wrong. This is a Curvy Blasian Community Romance: #AMBW #BLASIAN #BWAM #DISCLOSURE #CelebrateBlackStories #EyesLipsFierce


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