Three Gangs and a S...
By HollyShmit
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(Sequel to Two Gangs and a Golden Girl) *** "If you even think about touching me, I will literally rip off your arm," I growl when Xavier prowls closer. He doesn't stop. His poison green eyes drill into mine. "I will have you, Marigold, and we will rule this world. Mark my words," he says when he's right up against me. My skin starts to burn when he touches me. I am NOT falling for this guy! *** You've all met Amber Marigold. The golden girl that only wants to save the world. But what happens when gold falls? Amber has a dark side and it's time for one of these bad boys of Tygerwell to learn how to tame it. Or should I say men? This is the book where Amber finally puts an end to your question: 'Who does she pick?' But with Xavier's plan, it's going to be a little hard. "You once told me that love and hate are two sides of the same coin. I'm quite positive you're obsessed with me, Marigold..." Get ready for the next level. This time we're going bigger, more expensive and dangerous. You've all just seen the start of Amber's story. It's time we get to the good part. *** "Forget what you've been told. Forget about who is the smart choice. I love you and I know you love me. Please, will you marry me?" "Yes." *** COMPLETED (11/03/2019)

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Three Gan...
by HollyShmit