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By MasterHand4444
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(On indefinite hiatus) Do you enioy comic strips? Do you like seeing characters drawn in simplified forms so they can be more expressive and easier to draw? Will you (please) tolerate a (probably) weekly updating schedule? You're in luck! Here's all of that. Switching Things Up is a series of comic strips about lots of things. Mostly games. Lots of comedy. Laugh please! You could probably find better jokes somewhere else but please don't haha I promise SOMETHING here will make you laugh Watch in awe as communications errors occur in Splatoon! Be amazed as Mario take a shower (to Cappy's dismay)! Become enraptured in the seven-part Waluigi special I did for some reason! Allow wonder to fill your heart and soul as many characters make (not so) subtle, one-panel cameos and are never seen again! Switching Things Up is my twisting and re-imagining of different scenarios, be they real life or fictional. All characters, titles, names, and other properties are all property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Yadda yadda yadda- Take my survey: https://goo.gl/forms/mgUKY4KS3Ck0ASu03 Best Rankings: #1 out of 11 in "strips" #213 out of 1,000+ in "drawing" #247 out of 1,000+ in "sketch" #3 out of a bunch in "splatoon" #11 out of 280 in "doodle" (Formerly known as "Stripped Down"; name changed to sound less...eeeeeeennhhh)

Unstable (Splatoon)

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by MasterHand4444