Belonging to the Al...
By icelandic-bitch
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Next thing I know my back is crashed to the wall and he has me pinned. He leans in and my heart starts to speed up. What does he want from me? He leans until there is almost no space between us and I can feel his warm breath on my ear. And he whispers "there is no mistake doll. You belong to me. And you are not going anywhere." I can't believe what I heard. I belong to him is he joking are something. I build up my courage and try to speak with confidence. "I don't belong to no one except for myself. And please let me go now cause I have to be leaving." His eyes are fuming with anger. Then he laughs coldly and tells me "ow but that's where you are wrong sweet thing. You do belong to me, every thing on you belongs to me. And I will not tolerate this kind of disrespect from my mate or anyone. So you better choose your next words wisely." I just gulp. I lost all my confidence and I don't want to get on this guys bad side Alpha Black has a reputation of his ruthless ways. So I just nod my head not able to form words. ~~~ Amelia Reed, 18 years old, is the daughter of Beta Reed, the Beta of the White lake pack. She has been training to be a warrior for 4 years now and doesn't want nothing to do with a mate. Alpha Mason Black, 25 years old, is the Alpha of the Black moon pack and has been waiting for his mate in 7 years. What happens when these to meet at the mate meeting. And what will happen when Amelia doesn't want to be owned. ~~~ My story is supposed to be for mature audience (18+). It will contain abusive relationship. But if you choose to read it any way than read at your own risk❤️

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by icelandic-bitch