The Phantom - Birth...
By nightfall_protocol
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"So, You want to be a hero to then? I've met many people before you. They too wanted to be one have as well to be fair. A few not too older than you. But tell me why do you wanna be a hero?" I looked down at my smoky hands before turning to the hero "I want to save people. I want to make a difference in people's lives I want to make people feel safe" Maxie Man threw his cigar on the floor crushing it with his foot. He glimpsed at me with an annoyed look "That's what we do that's not why we do it. Give me your real reason. The reason you really want to be a hero" "My real reason?" I asked lost. I looked up my hero in awe he wasn't quite what I expected. He looked very different in fact to what I imagined him to look like. What I thought would be a symbol of peace looked more like a homeless person. Tacky clothes, the Foul smell of booze and cigarettes. He was droopy and disinterested you could just tell he wasn't all there. He didn't wear a cape or even an outfit, no he just wore ordinary clothes. If I didn't see him in action I would've guessed he was some random person, not the number one hero. I can't help but be disappointed I must have been dreaming of this moment for years and when it's finally come it was disappointing, to say the least. However I wasn't going to let this turn of events change my mind no matter how I looked at it he was still the number one hero, my reason for being here, he saved so many lives I wanted to be just like him "I want to be a great hero like you I want to be just like you"

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The Phant...
by nightfall_protocol