30 Year Blues
By bryazahnae
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"The night I met Albert Fontane was the worst of my life. My world came crashing down the minute our eyes locked - pain met passion and soon after, our passion molded into pain, which is why I say it now and why I will say it again: the night I met Albert Fontane was the worst of my life." Ella Fontane is nothing if not real. Her life has been filled with chaos, heartache, turmoil and her fiery spirit rages on. Ella's marriage to Albert Fontane filled her life with meaning while making it dreary at the same time. It is now 30 years after they met and Ella is tasked with telling the story of how they met and how they loved one another up until the very end. Ella's blunt honesty, her flirtatious spirit, and her need for love make for an interesting read.


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30 Year B...
by bryazahnae