Bangtan Prom
By ArtisticCalamity
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So BTS is having a prom for ARMY pretty soon, and for all the I-Armys who won't be able to attend (myself included), I'm gonna write a cute short fanfic about the prom. There will be a chapter for each member so if you just want to read about your bias, you can skip to the chapter about them. It's written so the main character of each chapter is you, but that character could be seen from a different POV in different chapters. Hope that makes sense...maybe it will when you read? This is my first time posting anything (sorry if it sucks) but hope you enjoy! Without further ado, let's go to Prom! ***obviously the real BTS Prom is nothing like this, but this is just for fluff and feels***

Namjoon (part 1)

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Bangtan P...
by ArtisticCalamity