Dancing With The Pl...
By NicoleSmithWanabeeMe
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When Brielle's dance instructor gets mad at her for missing yet another rehearsal, she gives Brielle an ultimatum: lose her solo that she needs to get into Julliard, or teach Christopher Russel, the school's quarterback, ballet in two months. With no other choice, she begins the hard struggle of trying to teach a 6'5" football player how to do ballet. What she did expect: An annoying, arrogant, and entitled boy that couldn't dance if his life depended on it. What she didn't expect: To fall in love. [#7 Teen Fiction] ~~~ "How the hell do you not know how to do a single turn?" I asked, genuinely frustrated. I've been practicing with Christopher for two hours and we had gotten absolutely no where. "I'm sorry that my coach never taught me how to do a pirouette Brielle, because that would have been so helpful on the field." His sarcasm just made me want to punch him in the face even more. "Just try it again." He spun on his toes before losing balance, flailing his arms in the process. He grabbed onto my arm on the way down, dragging me with him. I landed on his hard chest, my face just centimeters from his. I could feel his breath on mine as our noses touched, his eyes locking onto mine. "Brielle..." He whispered, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear. I knew that I shouldn't feel this way about him. He said the same lines to every girl, and I couldn't be another one to fall into his trap. Think with your head, Brielle. I reminded myself. Think. Oh, screw it. And with that, I pressed my lips to his. {Cover by Synonomous}

Chapter 1

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Dancing W...
by NicoleSmithWanabeeMe